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Internal Quality Assurance System

Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA)


University conducts the overall inspection/assessment/evaluation of the affiliated college by sending the Local Inquiry Committees while granting the continuation, extension of affiliation and/or granting permission to introduce new faculty, programmes. Besides, it is contemplated in Section 5(85) of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 that the University shall conduct the Academic audit of the affiliated college at regular intervals. However, no academic audit as contemplated has been conducted so far.

In the absence of which, and/or otherwise, with an objective to ascertain  continuous improvement of quality and excellence, IQAC has evolved an internal mechanism to conduct periodically Academic and Administrative Audit of the Institution as an integral part of the Internal Quality Assurance System among other measures. An instrument of conducting AAA has been devised on par with the formats being used in affiliation process incorporating other quality aspects.


The modus operandi:

  1. AAA shall be conducted biennially;
  2. A subcommittee comprising of HoDs shall prepare the proposal for AAA preferably in the month of March the respective year, and submit it to IQAC for further procedural compliance;
  3. An external committee (AAA Committee)comprising of Principal/Ex Principal, HoD/Ex HoD and a Associate Professor/Ex Professor not associated with the institute shall be appointed by the College Development Committee;
  4. The  IQAC shall make presentation before the Committee based on AAA Proformas;
  5. AAA committee shall visit the institution in the month of April of the respective year for spot inspection, verify the documents, and submit its report to CDC.
  6. CDC shall deliberate on the AAA report and IQAC shall prepare the Action Plan to implement the recommendations and monitor the progression.