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Bridge Course

Bridge Course
A Bridge course for newly admitted students is conducted every year in the very beginning of the First Semester for the students of Arts, Commerce and Science Programmes. The prime intention of this course is to bridge the gap between the subjects studied at the pre-universitylevel subjects and the Programme to which the student is admitted to. This Course attempts to help the admitted students to get acquainted with the basic things related with the selected subject and increase their interest in the same. The Course also helps concerned teachers to elevate the students to the next level of understanding the subject.
1. To prepare newly admitted students for degree programme
2. To bridge the gap between knowledge levels apparent in higher secondary and the prescribed university curriculum in the subject
3. To explain basic concepts in respective subject
4. Increase the interest of students in respective subject
5. To help students get equipped with knowledge and confidence in the respective subject
The total duration of this Bridge Course is One Week.
Thelectures will befollowed by a MCQ typeUnit Test on OMR sheet
The Syllabus:
The syllabus for the Bridge Course in respective subject
Important Note for students:
Granting optional subjects will be finalized on the basis of the performance shown by the candidate in the Bridge CourseAptitude Test.
Documentary Evidences:
Course Reading Material
List of Admitted Students
Syllabus Contents (Teaching Plans)
Question Paper (Objective Type) (25 Questions, 2 Marks each)
Result Sheet
The following Bridge Courses have been introduced under faculty of Arts, Commerce & Science :

Sr. No. Name of the department
1 Bridge Course in English
2 Bridge Course in Marathi
3 Bridge Course in Hindi
4 Bridge Course in History
5 Bridge Course in Economics
6 Bridge Course in Sociology
7 Bridge Course in Geography
8 Bridge Course in Political Science
9 Bridge Course in Commerce
10 Bridge Course in Science