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College Development Committee

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Er. Arvind Sahebrao Kadam President
2 Ad. Sanjeev Prataprao Kadam Member
3 Dr. Mahadeo Subhedar Shinde Member
4 Mr.  Shankar   Vitthal  Kadam Member
5 Mr. Bhimrao Shamrao Kadam Member
6 Mr. Rajendra Balasaheb Kadam Member
7 Dr. Dattatray Bhagwanrao Shedage Member
8 Dr. Manoj Dashrath Gujar IQAC Member
9 Dr. Kamalsing Vikramsing Kshatriya Teacher Representative
10 Dr. Shivaji Uttam Chavare Teacher Representative
11 Dr. Sandhya Arun Paudmal Teacher Representative
12 Mr. Kundlik Dashrath Kadam Non-Teacher Representative
13 Prin. Dr. Bhosale Bharat Namdeo Secretary

We aim at overall personality development of the students through value based education and various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and create environmental and social awareness among the students in order to equip their minds with the feeling of secularism and to uplift the underprivileged culturally and socially.