(02371) 254368, Sanstha: (02371) 254227

College Profile

College Profile

1. Name and address of the college:

Name Prof. Sambhajirao Kadam College, Deur
Address Deur (Tehsil – Koregaon)
Village Deur
District Satara
State Maharashtra
Pin code 415524

2. For Communication

STD Code 02371
Telephone No. 254368
Fax No. +91 – 2371 – 254368

3. Type of College:

a. By Management
i. Affiliated College
ii. Constituent College
b. By Funding
ii. Grant-in-aid
iii. Self-financed
c. By Gender
i. For Men  
ii. For Women  
iii. Co -education
Is it a recognized minority institution
Yes   No
Date Month Year
09 July 1999


4. Shivaji University,Kolhapur

Date of UGC recognition: (dd-mm-yyyy)
i. 2 (f) The institution is recognized
ii. 12 (B) The institution is recognized

5. Location of the college

Location of the college: (based on Govt. of India census)
Hilly area
(Any other) Drought prone area

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