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From President’s Desk

Message From The President, College Development Committee

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents, Well wishers,

My greetings to you all!
Being an alumnus of the guardian Institute, I feel immensely privileged to speak up to you as the President of the College Development Committee of Professor Sambhajirao Kadam College- a dream-child of Shri Mudhaidevi Shikshan Sanstha, Deur. I owe much to the Sanstha!
My long association with the Institution- first as the student, subsequently as the Trustee and now as the President, CDC, gives me a great pleasure to be at the helm and equally reminds me of the duties and responsibilities towards the institution, my own alma mater!
Future belongs to those who innovate! Be it an individual or the Institute! I cherish and practise it. ‘Innovative Engineering’, my own manufacturing and export venture, which has export network encompassing almost 23 leading countries across the globe, speaks for itself!
I came from an engineering discipline. I personally believe in the mantra, ‘The only true power is knowledge, as everything (including any achievement) is derived from it!’ andexpect the educational community to follow it in letter and spirit to bring about a change in changing scenario especially witnessing in Higher Education. If we have a vision, a determination to translate it into actions, a constant quest for excellence and of course, a faith in our own strength and abilities, I believe, the rest, particularly the resources to fulfil what has been dreamt of, would certainly follow!
Since its inception in 1999, Professor Sambhajirao Kadam College has a remarkable journey over a couple of decade. The journey thus far had not been a smooth sailing, hassle free at any rate. It witnessed numerous hurdles, daunting challenges over the period while surging ahead. But then, challenges it faced, threats it suffered inherited opportunities too, emerging the institution even stronger and resolute against all odds posed due to socio-geographical constraints where the institute is located. Our forefathers, founder pillars who founded the Sanstha way back in 1956, nourished thereafter with zeal and determination, laid a solid foundation. All that we need now to take the mission, ‘Bahujan Hitay’, further!

Interest is often thought as a process, a mental resource that enhances learning & leads to construction of knowledge and achievement!

It therefore calls for strengthening the Teaching-Learning mechanism through Collaborative & Experimental learning by way of internships, on-job training,field projects, workshops, seminars etc. to develop interest amongst students, faculties to promote innovation, research culture & engage them in higher order thinking. Establishing Industry-Institute interface through functional MoUs shall go a long way in finding the placement for the graduating youths. With this view in mind, we entered as many as 25 MoUs with the Industry,  Manufacturer’s Association, Corporate Houses and NGOs. This shall not only facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise but also enhance the employability of the graduating youths of our institution.

We are committed to better the academic ambience, enrich the campus life of the students with the sole objective of ‘holistic progression to secure bright future. We shall solemnly reaffirm and redeem our pledge to commit ourselves by setting high goals and objectives for ourselves, for the institution and shall leave no stone unturned to attain them as a ‘Team PSKC’ and scale greater academic height. After all, institutions are known and recognised by students’ performance and parents’ satisfaction-a sole indicator to cap the institutions as ‘the institution that perform’!

Er. Arvind Kadam

We aim at overall personality development of the students through value based education and various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and create environmental and social awareness among the students in order to equip their minds with the feeling of secularism and to uplift the underprivileged culturally and socially.