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From Principal’s Desk

Message From Principal

‘Perform or perish’, is today’s global slogan! This is true especially when we are living in
the technology driven society where the technology year is just of three to four months
long! Excellence, quality, hassle free processes, ease of doing business in every sphere of
human or the institutional activities are the today’s buzzwords! Educational institutions
cannot be exception to it anymore! Being very complex organisations in its nature, scope,
relevance, objectives, the educational institutes need to understand and realise it in right
perspectives if it does not wish to be rendered obsolete and irrelevant. No step, innovative
in itself, inched towards excellence, towards quality can be a small step! In fact, such
small steps, if implemented, would bring about a sea change within!

In recent years, Higher education is witnessing a paradigm shift in its objectives, design,
quality framework and education delivery! On the backdrop this and the changing cliental
needs of the ‘smart learners’, educational institutions have distinct challenges and
responsibilities ahead!
In the first place, towards ‘Skilling India mission’ launched at the national level, we shall
not afford to miss the birth! Offering Skill based vocational ‘National Skills Qualification
Framework’ compliant programmes clubbed with soft skills component in conventional
degree programmes would certainly make the academic kitty more promising and
productive in transforming our graduating youths into work ready and employable human
resource. This academic capsule if administered effectively, would help us to get rid of
the prevailing mismatch between what is demanded and what is being taught. Besides,
introducing off campus outreach programmes to ensure functional institute-society
connect, enhancing institute industry interface by way of functional MoUs, leveraging
technology for effective academic delivery, student engagement by way of extra/co-
curricular and extra-mural activities should receive priorities on the institutional agenda.
Nevertheless, the new governing and working framework devised by newly promulgated
Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016, contemplates democratic, participative

functioning of the educational institutions more responsive and accountable to the
students as a prime stakeholder, thus, making each ones proactive partners in the
education process by providing adequate representation on decision making statutory
bodies of the Universities and Colleges. More so, recently NAAC has also fine tuned its
assessment and accreditation modus operandi from 2017 mainly to ascertain the quality
status of the institution with objectivity and transparency. These are the driving forces to
frame, design and deliver our agenda for the present and the future and to adopt the
academic discourse accordingly.

PSKCD- Professor Sambhajirao Kadam College, Deur, a dream child begetted and
nourished by the paternal institute – Shri Mudhaidevi Shkshan Sanstha, is in its twenties,
ventured into the youth-hood! A child now has reached to its puberty, for which
challenges are nonetheless the opportunities, and all set to take them all head-on!

In the inspiring words of peoples’ President, late Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, that, each
institute is characterised by some or other kind of significant practices that stand out as a
symbol of best practices! PSKCD shall be no exception to it and shall standout as a
symbol of ‘quality instituion’!
With academic greetings!

Dr. Bharat N. Bhosale

We aim at overall personality development of the students through value based education and various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and create environmental and social awareness among the students in order to equip their minds with the feeling of secularism and to uplift the underprivileged culturally and socially.