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Green Audit Committee

Preamble : 

The educational Institutions, being public Institutions, are also expected to undertake the measures / initiatives towards environment preservation drive through sensitizing and orienting the campus community and undertaking programmes like Green Campus, Save Water, Plant and Save Trees, West Management, Renewable energy etc. Moreover, the Green Audit is also one of the requirements the NAAC has envisaged for the educational Institutions.

Objectives : The Primary objectives to achieve sustainable environment friendly practices in campus by embracing all possible aspects of environmental, ecological concerns – preservation – protection – awareness / orientation :

  • To determine the Green Audit policy, Green Audit Framework, proper implementation, and result analysis through profession environment auditing agency.
  • To orient the campus community to bring attitudinal change by sensitizing them on issues, concerns, best practices regarding environment preservation initiatives and its sustenance 
  • Launching “Go Green and Clean” campaign through focused awareness programmes first on campus and then taking the campaign from campus to community through outreach/off campus activities

There shall be an internal Green Audit Committee to initiate, monitor, annual green account and audit, and final Green Audit and certification from Professional/ Authenticated Environment/ Green Auditing Agency.

Green  Audit Committee:-

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Member Designation
1 Prin. Dr. Bhosale B. N. Chairman
2 Dr. Patil P. V. Coordinator
3 Dr. Paudmal S. A. Member
4 Mr. Patil P. V. Member
5 Mr. Kadam S. K. Member