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Remedial Coaching Scheme

Scheme of Remedial Coaching



Adopting a teaching-learning mode to cater to diverse learning needs of slow learners. A class comprises of heterogeneous groups of students based on their learning levels/abilities; especially of advanced learners and slow learners. To cater to such apparently prevalent student diversity in the class, the institute, besides regular lecture sessions, has adopted bifocal modes of imparting instructions; one, the remedial coaching to fulfil the learning needs of the slow learners and the other, smart coaching (porting students to reference books, e-resources as additional supplementary learning resources, preparing notes on the selected topics/modules, assessing and guiding) to the advanced learners. To implement the scheme, the categorisation of the students into Slow and advance learners is done on the basis of their performance in the previous examinations in the beginning of the academic year.


Plan of Action:


  1. Categorising the students in a class into slow and advance learners on the basis of previous scores;
  2. Identifying the key subjects/papers in the prescribed programmes/courses
  3. Preparing a time –table/schedules for remedial coaching sessions;
  4. Duration of the remedial coaching shall be TWO months in each semester;
  5. Conducting periodical unit tests, class assignments, assessing and correcting the students;
  6. Performance and progression to be discussed with the Guardian Teacher;
  7. Organising contact sessions for the ATKT students in respective subjects as per the “the scheme of Contact sessions for ATKT students”.

The remedial coaching scheme is to be monitored by the Board of HoDs.

Sr. No.




Dr. Bhosale Bharat Namdeo



Dr. Shelar Ashok Raghunath

Head, Department of Marathi


Dr. Chavare Shivaji Uddhav

Head, Department of Hindi


Dr.Gujar Manoj Dashrath

Head, Department of English


Dr.Owale Dattatray Jagannath

Head, Department of History


Dr.Shedage Dattatray Bhagwanrao

Head, Department of Economics