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Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission


Institutional Motto: “Bahujan Hitay” Clubbed with, “Explore, Innovate, Research and
Excel”: Opening the doors of higher education and making the higher studies accessible and affordable to the rural youths irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender, socio-economic class for the welfare of the society.

Institutional vision: “To nurture the students fully endowed materially, intellectually and morally, instill good citizenry so as to transform them into an empowered and responsible youths”

Institutional Mission:“We, as the institution, are committed with dedicated seamless efforts to promoting and fostering culture of high quality education through transacting learner centric technology enabled  pedagogy, thus thereby, catering to the changing cliental needs of the learner learners; and serving the societal needs by encouraging and promoting excellence in research, extension services through socially advantageous outreach activities so as to ensure functional institute-society connect”

Goals and objectives:

1. To aim at holistic development of the learners through value based education and various co-curricular, extra-curricular and extra-mural activities..
2. To create environmental and social awareness among the learners in order to equip their minds with the feeling of secularism and to uplift the underprivileged culturally and socially.

3. To contribute to the development of the economically backward rural area, updating rural learners with quality education and facilitate them with the modern stream of courses.
4. To contribute to the national development by the way of developing human resources and capacity building of individuals for serving the cause of social justice and equity.
5. To create the sense of discipline in terms of regularity, sincerity and punctuality among the learners with a view to shape them into responsible, respectable and prudent citizens of India.
6. To impart quality based service in the field of higher education to the learners coming from the local and the adjoining mofussil area.
7. To create scientific temper, to inculcate democratic traits, gender equality and also to create the feeling of corporate life among the learners and to prepare them to face the challenges of the emerging global situation.
8. To adopt ICT enabled learner centric pedagogy by leveraging cutting edge technology so as to ensure effective academic delivery
9. To impart skill based vocational/job specific training to prepare the skilled human resource in collaboration with business/industry, thus thereby, establish functional Institute-Industry interface.